Because Quality Matters

Arabtec Oman - Quality Control

When it comes to the industrial, manufacturing, and construction needs, there is no compromise to the quality of any products, no matter if they are materials, components, or structures, they are subjected to strict standards and regulations. At Arabtec Oman, our quality control and quality assurance services ensure that the products are delivered in compliance with all mandatory regulations, quality standards, and contractual specifications.

We ensure

  • The quality of every product delivered is used in the construction, manufacturing, and operation of every kind.
  • The products delivered will be in compliance with the significant standards and regulations.
  • Audits and inspections are accomplished in order to verify the raw materials and final products.

At Arabtec, we assure world-class quality assurance and quality control services and provide you an unrivaled experience ensuring the highest quality throughout your supply chain.