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The limestone that Arabtec Oman supplies is sourced from our own quarry which has a huge deposit of the unadulterated white limestone minerals placed over 25 million square meters. Working with limestone could be a bit challenging because of its varying composition, and its aggravating nature and it might require an engineered, processed solution. We engineer our limestone processing according to your unique material needs.

Limestone Powder

Limestone powders are widely used for different applications. It is a fine-grained material emanated from grinding the limestone rocks. Mainly used in cement-based materials, they can influence their properties by nucleation, dilution, filler, and chemical effects. It has a range of industrial benefits and it can be used as the raw material for agricultural, environmental, construction, industrial purposes, and more.
Powdered limestone is also used to remove adulteration from metals like steel, and toxic components from coal-burning power plant exhaust. A wide range of industries including plastic, paint, and paper use it as a filler and the purest of the limestone is even used in the food and medical industries.

Limestone Granules

The limestones are ground much more finely (less than 0.1mm), over and above the ground limestone are then formed into granules. Extracted from our quarries and finely ground after mechanical crushing, this product is used for reducing soil acidity, desalination of water, and in the construction industry. Granular lime is rich in calcium and magnesium, and it will help fertilizers work and forge optimal growing conditions in your garden. It is also used in poultry and animal feed, and in the treatment systems for drinking water and wastewater.


Limestone Chips

This product is traditional, multipurpose gravel that is commonly used for driveways and landscaping paths. However, it is primarily used to create finer concrete mixes since it decreases the chance of shrinking.